Devel Srl


Moving with the times

Devel is a company that was founded in 1998 and until 2013, before selling its patents to a world leader in ceramic systems, it was involved in the design and construction of decorating machines used in the industrial sector.

Entry into the automotive sector

In 2017 the company decided to enter the automotive field, relying on the experience gained in the ceramic sector. Much of the software and components derive from the automations that Devel designed for the ceramic derivatives sector.


Here is the path that led to the creation of the “top automatic 4.0” tyre changer: invented, conceived and developed entirely in Italy. By analysing the market for car workshop equipment, Devel sensed that future competitors were not up to date on current technologies and this would have given the company the opportunity to create its own space in this market. Devel is a reality mainly consisting of specialized technicians who deal with the engineering of the machines and the goal is to bring the tyre dealer or the car workshop to be a real industry 4.0, with all the machines connected to each other capable of relieving the fatigue of each operator.