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Equipped with “Incline System”

The “incline” system previewed during the AUTOPROMOTEC 2013 exhibition is based on a very simple but extremely innovative concept: the inclination of the self-centering system.

During tyre fitting and removal, a lower lifting of the tyre facilitates and speeds up the extraction of the first and second bead. A significant advantage is thus obtained in terms of operator fatigue and safety for the tyre which is not subjected to repeated mechanical stress, but is gently accompanied during the work cycle.

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It is the simple inclination of the axis of the self-centering system that facilitates removal of the tyre bead from the rim and limits stress to a minimum.

The most obvious change is the inclination of the rotation axis of the self-centering system combined with the simplicity of use and the compactness of the machine.

For its simplicity. Simple to work, simple in use, simple in appearance, the tyre changer is compact, therefore it can be placed in a small space, it operates silently and is completely hydraulic.

It is the system that accompanies the tyre during refitting to the rim and allows it to be kept in position through a series of pressure rollers.

That of having concentrated on a single shaft with double offset rotation that slides vertically and perfectly in axis with the self-centering system, all the tools needed for tyre removal and refitting.

Because developing innovative ideas and projects is in the company’s DNA. “Incline System” marks a moment of generational change in the development of this type of equipment, after that which took place in 2001 with the advent of the “no lever system”.

The tyre changer is entirely produced in the province of Modena, the land of mechanics and engines.

We provide the whole range needed to develop and make a tyre repair shop operational.

The support necessary to guarantee the customer the continuity of their work without interruptions.

12 (twelve) months from the date of testing for manufacturing defects.

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